1. Driving home at 0745 after night shift


  2. Look how far we’ve come..

    I am such a firm believer of hard work! Just two years ago.. I was going to LVN school and I met such kind and hard working people. I got so close with them! Although, we haven’t all had the time to catch up.. I see what they’re up to from time to time due to Facebook. It makes me so proud to have known these people because they’ve achieved nothing but success. A lot of people discouraged us going through with the LVN program cus we wouldn’t find jobs. Yes, we live in Cali, LA to be exact and the job market here for LVNs are pretty tough but we made it! And who would have known what kind of positions we all hold! Whether it’s admin, managers, or floor nurses.. we’ve all come so far! Some are even continuing on to get their RN, including myself. Yay us!

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    Sometimes need to stress this… No explanation necessary…

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    During my morning assessment of my new CHF pt today, she told me she’s been suffering from a yeast infection for about 3 weeks now.

    Me: 3 weeks? Have you discussed this with your doctor prior to your hospitalization?

    Pt: Well my gyno prescribed me something, but I wanted to try homeopathic…

    Toooo funny not to reblog!

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    From the awkward yeti

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    I want to blow this up really big and hang it up in the peds unit.


  7. "Regardless of how today turns out; successes or failures, I will remind myself that I am still learning, and ready to admit that I can still do better. I will not accept arbitrary excuses from administration or management that interfere with quality of care for patients, and most importantly, be the kind of nurse that always values a patient’s dignity."
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    Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care. This was a video that was shared with my class yesterday and I just remembered it and felt like sharing it with all of you.

    Our perceptions of people on a superficial level aren’t always what they turn out to be and sometimes we just need to hold off on our judgments and be reminded that everyone has gone through some life-changing event that has inevitably impacted who they are today.

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  10. "Nurses, by nature, are taught to martyr themselves on the altar of nursing."