1. Half way mark.

    Where did time go? I just finished my 8 week medsurg rotation. Tbh, I am NOT going to miss it. Maybe it’s cus my instructor was tough, or maybe it was those Mondays that I dedicated researching and staying up to do my worksheets. Nope, not gonna miss it. Though, I learned A LOT! A lot about pathophysio and why doctors order this, that, test this, test that. It was a lot.. in the beginning my classmates and I all felt like we should have been in medical school cus of all the information our instructor wanted us to know about our patients. But in the end, I knew that it was for the better. I am stronger and more knowledgeable. I learned more about myself and the kind of things I needed to work on. And boy, were they humbling. It’s funny cus being an LVN, you’d think I’d be amazing at juggling 3 pts. Shoot, I do it at work.. How different could it be? HA! I was so humbled. It’s as if God was telling me to get off my high horse and feel the ground. I did. Few breaking points here and there. Omg, this might have been the VERY first time since RN school I broke down and I have wanted to quit. No sugar coating it. I really did. Darryl saw me, and he saw how wrecked I was. It was a combination of everything. I felt like all the things that I was doing last semester was NOT cutting it this time. I couldn’t fly by, I couldn’t maintain. I was average. And again, God told me to get off my high horse, and I did. Another humbling experience.

    Now here I am, 3 weeks of ambulatory rotation and 4 weeks of psych rotation. Thank you Lord! I don’t know how I made it through. I owe every bit of it to You!

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    reblog for respect.

    I know I have reblogged this before. But reading it reminds me of why I do this as I sit with a heating pad on my sore back after a very long 3 shifts.

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  3. Optical Stethoscope!



    Optical Heartbeat For Better Diagnosis

    The Optical Stethoscope is a nifty piece of technology that acts as assistive device for doctors. Through graphic representation on its knob, it shows doctors the heartbeat, or stomach fluid sounds in waveforms. Basic info like heart rate and pulse is displayed for faster comprehension. The basic idea behind the concept is to aid doctors in making faster and accurate diagnosis.

    Medical students who are not yet familiar with the sound of internal organs, will find it easy to use this device, especially in an emergency situation.

    Read more at http://www.yankodesign.com/2013/07/09/optical-heartbeat-for-better-diagnosis/#YGCj7czRB5ASkJZ8.99 


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  4. "When I was a patient on a surgical ward, a staff nurse told me it was time to turn my television off and go to sleep. If she had taken the time to sit and talk to me, she would have known that my grandmother had died just two days before. It was no wonder I wasn’t able to sleep. So imagine people being admitted to hospital with two suitcases; their physical luggage containing their possessions and their baggage containing their thoughts, feelings and emotions."
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    I’m not a vampire…


  6. I know I’ve stated before that I don’t regret taking the road to get where I am. I’m not embarrassed nor am I ashamed I became an LVN first. In fact, I am glad I did it that way because I feel like my experience has helped me shaped up and figure out what kind of nurse I don’t wanna be (not title wise, but the robotic nursing.) It has also helped me learn and understand the difference b/t an LVN and an RN. Most importantly, I gained respect and I will forever respect LVNs and my future colleagues. I don’t know about y’all but the debacle b/t LVN and RNs are so annoying. The truth remains, we’re all NURSES regardless of our title and education. I, for one value education and would want nothing but progression in my life, therefore, I pursued to get my RN. I’ve met so many people who went to LVN and stayed an LVN, not because they were lazy nor that they don’t wanna continue on, but because a lot of them have families and honestly some are just content. Not knocking them down, I praise them. They inspire me to become a better me. I’ve seen so many RNs who are disrespectful and have looked down on LVNs, I’m not going to be that person. We all work together to achieve the same goal.. so why do we have to destroy each other? Seriously.

    Anyways, that wasn’t my point. My point is.. I regret choosing the school I chose to take my LVN. Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot.. BOOKWISE. But clinically, not really. I wish I had done my research upon deciding to attend. Considering the fact that I was mostly interested in LD and neonates, it would help if I got my feet wet and experienced a clinical rotation in an actual OB/Peds maternity. It sucks cus now that I am choosing to progress into 3rd semester, I will be missing the 9 week clinical rotation for OB/Peds. It makes me wanna opt out of my transition and go back to my original plan. Though, I am glad I was exposed to the environment when I did my volunteer at VPH. It just sucks! Wah.

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  9. Officially done with 1st.

    Wow! That was a really tough semester. But I’m glad its over and man, am I humbled by it. Not gonna lie.. I came in thinking it would be pretty easy. Granted I do it and more at my job, it was still tough trying to figure things out. I definitely learned a lot and I’m definitely looking forward for a more challenging semester up ahead. Now that I have nothing to do.. And school literallt jst finished, I really want summer school to start already. Though, I should really enjoy my time off.

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    Super blessed to have met then.. &super proud of how far they’ve come. 😘🏩 #SemesterOneDone #JumpingTo3rd #OVGang #OVStrong #SadToLeave